How to use Online App on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows RT

 On Mac On Linux/Unix

At first please search the keyword "Microsoft Remote Desktop" in the app stores of your device Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows RT. Download the app and install it.

Then you need to have an account on our Online App server. There are 2 ways:

1. Register an account with Online App Box on Window. It means you have to download the Windows program on  your Windows, and install it on your windows OS. Then run it to get an account.

2. If you do not have Windows platform, Please use the web page to register an account. But you have to wait for at least two minutes so that Online App server can synchronize the account information.



3. Click the icon. Launch the RDP Client.


4. Select the APPS tab. Click the "+" button at the right top corner, select Remote Resource Feed.


5. Input E-mail or URL:


6. Choose user account,

or Add user account.

Click the Save button.

7. Click the Connect button in Verify Certificate dialog box if you do not mind.


8. All online application icons will display.

9. Click Batch Photo Resizer icon.

Click the Connect button if you do not mind.


10. Click the OK button because we have access right on the server side.


11. Remote App will display now.


12. Click the Add Photos button to upload photos from your local Android disk.

13. Click "Android on localhost" at the left of the tree view. Select a photo at the right pane.


14. Photos are selected.


15. Click the Browse button to select an output folder. Select "Android on localhost" as your output  folder name.

Click the Convert button finally. to convert photos remotely.

For the old version, please read here.























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