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Tethys Macro SDK is for software developers. Add macro recorder functionality into your software or create custom macro applications. Provide your users with one of the most sought-after tools today. Leverage the power of SMART Macro Technology. Integrate our macro recorder with your software in just minutes & enhance your product & end-user experience. SMART Macro technology gives intelligence to macros. It senses & automatically adjusts to changes between record & re-play conditions. This provides your customers with accurate & trouble-free macros. Users will be able to create & run macros within your application in three simple steps: New, Save & Run. Integrate using API or pre-defined GUI components with just three lines of code. Simply copy-paste from sample code provided in Java, C++, VB, etc. Qualify for a free license or purchase it for a reasonable, one-time cost with no ongoing fees. See our macro program, Workspace Macro Pro, if you are not a software developer.


Add contacts automatically

Macro System Creloaded Module

add on toolbar

add image watermark

mouse macro

add music to ebay

add ons for ie

Macro System OsCommerce Module





Tethys Macro SDK:


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Themed Wedding Favors:


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