DataTron is an easy-to-use visual data base with the possibility of the integration of pictures and rtf files. Data fields can be positioned by the mouse. Data base knowledge ist not necessary, the user has no long training periods. An internal language offers the possibility of interlocked inquiries and computations. Serial letters are also supported as data import/export via odbc or directly from mysql-data bases. The range of application reaches from the address data bank to picture archives.


verify mail address

email address capture

sales data

mac address manufacturer

data sanitizer







- More then 7000 weather stations works day and night all around the World. - Now you can get a real-time meteo data from all of them. - You can get also a history of meteo data for the past 1 - 60 hours. - Care about your family, make a business trip, land a plane, sail anywhere safely! How to use it: - double click on a worldmap for a list of a nearest stations; - double click (or press Enter) in a list at a station you are interesting for; - you will get a past 6 hours of meteodata for that station; - then you will getting the new meteodata every 10 - 60 minutes (depending of station) automatically; - use "Mark all stations" button for show all stations on the world map as a red points; - use "Show all stations table" button for show a list of all stations; - use "Find station" button for finding a station by a part of the name or by the ICAO code; Parameters dialog: - select a meteo data to show on a diagramm: temperature, pressure, wind speed, wind direction; - set a USA style (Fahrenheit etc) or European style (Celsius etc); - change the past time to show in a range of 1 to 60 hours; - change the distance for looking around the double-clicked point on a world map (in minutes, 1 minute = 1 naut. mile); - set write or not a meteodata for the current station to a txt file; Tips: - the changes you have made in a meteo part of Parameters dialog will be shown for the next opened station; - in a list of stations use keys: "Home" for go to top, "End" for go to bottom, "Page Up", "Page Down" for scrolling, "Enter" for select a station; - quickly select one of the last stations in menu "File"; - click a header of column in a stations list for sortinig a list by that column; 



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