Audio Wizard Pro is an intense interactive software ear training course for any musician, producer, engineer, or recording hobbyist. Have you ever wanted to learn how professional engineers can hear exactly what's wrong in your mix and EQ it up nice and sweet right away. Do you know what exact frequencies to cut and boost by hearing them in your recording. Audio Wizard Pro is a training course to teach your ear to hear frequencies in audio. Audio Wizard Pro is the only interactive software ear training program like it. This course is not a perfect pitch course but a course in hearing exact frequencies. By learning how to hear frequencies in audio you will be able to hear music like you never have before. Mixing and EQ'ing songs will be very easy for you. You will be able to hear what is going wrong in the mix and fix it fast and effectively. Audio Wizard Pro will train your ear to hear frequencies boosted and cut on songs, drums, pianos, bass , guitars.


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