AutoCAD Attribute Extractor Help you batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without need of AutoCAD. It supports most DWG formats including AutoCAD Release 9 thru AutoCAD Release 2006 Extracting attributes has always been one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish in AutoCAD. How many of you have actually figured out how to create the archaic, cryptic template files needed to extract your data? This painful process has become a piece of cake with the AutoCAD Attribute Extractor. Just follows the program's wizard, with several mouse clicks, you will get the result you expected. Why extract attribute information? Creating a bill of materials immediately comes to mind. Taking attribute information into a spreadsheet program such as Excel allows you to calculate valuable attribute data, sort, and so on.


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AutoCAD Attribute Extractor:


Product Attribute Pictures v2.0 PLUS allows users to upload and manage images that appear on their product information pages. Its core functionality is the ability to display thumbnails which when clicked are shown in full size next to the thumbnails without using a pop-up or reloading the page. So when a user clicks a thumbnail, the enlarged image is presented seamlessly, providing a more comfortable browsing experience. Uploaded images can be displayed without reference to existing product attributes to create a gallery effect, or associated with product attributes so that individual attribute prices can be displayed beneath the image and users can click to select the product in order to add it to their cart, supressing the native CRELoaded attribute selection method for that particular attribute. Add to this the ability to toggle the display of attribute names (e.g. Size, Color etc) and values (e.g. Large, Red etc) next to the thumbnail, alter the size of thumbnails and selected image, customize the accompanying display text, choose the number of pictures per row AND have all these settings act on a per-attribute basis where image sets for multiple attributes can be assigned to a single product and you have an invaluable presentational tool at your disposal. Features also include bulk copying functionality which allows users to copy entire image sets - together with their display settings - to other products at the click of a button without having to upload the images again. Help buttons linking to a context-sensitive online user guide are accessible at all points in the control panel, and several channels of support include email support, a troubleshooting guide and a high-priority online support forum (responses within 6 hours). Each attribute has its own settings so that different attributes can have differently sized thumbnails or one can have attribute values, prices or selectable radio buttons displayed and another can have them hidden. 

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