The Balance Sheet Template for Excel is an Excel spreadsheet for those who prefer to do their own valuation and/or analysis and would rather not spend the significant time needed to create the financial statements. It is designed to accommodate three periods of data from the firm's 10-K or 10-Q report. A common-size balance sheet is automatically calculated based on user input. Developed by CFA Charterholder.


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Balance Sheet Template for Excel:


The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel is an Excel Gantt chart template package that makes it extremely easy to create Gantt charts in Excel. Our Gantt chart software comes with three Excel Gantt chart templates. Daily: Manage projects and tasks from one day to 255 days in duration. Weekly: Manage projects and tasks from one week to four years in duration. Monthly: Manage projects and tasks from one month to 20 years in duration. Other Gantt software packages require an advanced degree to figure out and don't work with the software you already own. The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel works within Microsoft Excel so you already know how to use it. It's as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Simply enter the start and end dates for the overall project and for each task. 2. Optionally assign a responsible person or team member to each task. 3. Choose how many tasks to show on your Gantt chart. (Users may choose to show 25, 50, 75 or 100 tasks using a specially-designed drop-down list.) That's it. Your Excel Gantt charts are created automatically based on the information you entered. The entire process takes just minutes to complete. The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel is the perfect solution for quickly and easily creating Gantt charts in Excel. 

Gantt Chart Creator for Excel:


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