Steganography is a long know strategy to hide messages. Characteristic is that nobody even notices their existence. In digital photos you can easily hide text in the color information. This program uses one pixel per byte text. That means for example that a three Megapixel photo with 24-bit encoding (e.g. 2048 * 1536) can contain 3 Megabytes of text- or a thumbnail of 32 * 32 pixels 1 KB. And you hardly notice it. But the smaller the ratio text/pixels the better. Pictures with only 8-bit color information can be handled as well. Their capacity is a third of the above. The position of each used pixel looks randomized - if you detect one. It is calculated in a unique and very fast way and depends on your password. The password is not stored in the picture! Try a slightly different password to recover the text and you will see what a garbage you get. The pictures with the hidden text cannot be compressed. Compression means loss off accuracy. The letters cannot be recognized anymore. You must save them in bmp-format. But you can open and use pictures in jpg-format. Internally they are transformed to bmp-format. Most programs that can handle pictures can use the bmp-format - including the latest internet browsers. The program has two main windows. The simple text editor for plain text and the picture window. Main functions: Hide text - the given text is written to the picture. Check - checks if hidden text can be detected with your password Recover text - reads the hidden text if the password is correct. The time that your PC needed for the last process of hiding or recovering text is displayed in the statusbar in milliseconds. The picture window has these functions: Open picture, Reload and Save picture On/off - shows or hides the overview window Test: built in testpictures With the demo version you can test as long as you like but opening and saving of pictures is not possible.


too big

grizzly bear

big game fishing

arctic bear

brown bear





PromptPuppy is entry level teleprompter software developed by, one of the world’s most respected video training companies. Features: mouse scroll wheel operation, trackpad operation, arrow key operation, change font, text size, text line spacing, drag n drop or menu import, invert background, invert scroll direction, and QuickRewind. For power users, big brother PromptDog offers these extra features: script timer, realtime estimated total read time, separate, synchronized talent window, optional mirrored text in talent window, script editor, can colorize words, phrases, can save edited script, movable eyeline indicator, search field in edit window, search field in operator window, eyeline indicator on left, right or both, and eyeline indicator opacity.


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