Save time preparing high-quality bitonal documents in TIFF/PDF and JBIG2 formats with Binarization Image Processor – software that supports very large image batches. Created especially for professionals involved with paper and microfilm scanning and digitization, Binarization Image Processor (BIP) is already being successfully used by over 30 different microfilm bureaus in New Zealand, Australia, the US, the UK and Canada. BIP's use of cutting-edge techniques including dynamic thresholding, local area adaptive binarization and OCR preparation thresholding to binarize images is what sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Unlike many of the other batch image converters, BIP offers a manual review mode that gives users the ability to scan through the resulting bitonal images and improve output image quality manually after automatic batch processing is complete. BIP automatically saves all changes eliminating the need to perform redundant actions like confirming image saves. Elimination of this redundancy alone generates a time savings of up to 90%. BIP also allows users to set binarization parameters visually using trial images from the batch.


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Binarization Image Processor:


GdPicture Light Imaging Toolkit is an intuitive image processing toolkit designed for document, photo and color image application development. It includes features to scan, edit, enhance, print, convert and save images in a large variety of formats like TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, WBMP, ICO, PDF, PDF/A, PCX, PNM, J2K, HDR, PSD, TGA, JNG, EXR, DDS, PPM, SGI, PBM, PGM, XBM, XPM, KOALA, IFF... GdPicture Light Imaging Toolkit can be used from any 32 bits or 64 bits Windows development environment that can handle ActiveX components including Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, PowerBuilder, PHP, ASP, MS Word, Access, Windev, Excel, .NET environment like C#, VB.NET and many others… GdPicture Light Imaging Toolkit works with Microsoft Windows platforms: 98, NT4, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista... Major specifications: - Support lzw, ccitt3, ccitt4, rle, Deflate, ojpeg, LogLuv, Pixar and Jpeg compression - Support from 1bit to 128bits image - Multi-page Tiff reading and writing - Drawing barcode (25i, EAN13, 3 of 9, code 128) - Image enhancement functions - Import / Export from clipboard - TWAIN scanning with Automatic Document Feeder control and Auto-Scan support - Pallets colors conversion - Automatic Border removal - Automatic Deskew - Advanced rotations - Overlay Images - Advanced Text processing - HQ Thumbnails support - Skew and de-skew image - Obtain specific color components of an image - Read / Write EXIF, IPTC, Thumbnail, GPS Tags... - Print image with printer dialog support - Merge and combine Images - Resizing with 8 different interpolation modes - Drawing lines, ellipse, round, Bezier, curves... - Change brightness, saturation, contrast, and gamma - Lot of filters and effects (emboss, blur, engrave, smooth, negative, red eyes correction...) - Bitonal image enhancement - Area processing - Capture the contents of any window or section of any window - Color anti-aliasing and smoothing for zoomed images - ... 

GdPicture Light Imaging Toolkit:


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