AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold is the Pro DVD player program that works as a DVD player and comes complete with DVD editor software that edits the DVD, morphs images and audio, burns VCDs, and makes CD covers and labels. .Apply 44 video and 44 audio effects in real time while playing DVD and video movies .Mix complex effects and switch between effects “on the fly” .Morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format .Capture still images or a series of images .Capture audio .Convert DVD to video, or convert between video formats .Edit DVD movie titles and subtitles .Play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs, and other media file formats .Burn DVDs, VCDs, and data CDs to add to your music or movie collections .Erase DVDs and CDs .Design DVD and CD covers and labels Software Features: 1. Apply video and audio effects in real time while playing DVD and video movies 2. Mix complex effect and switch between effects “on the fly” 3. Edit a DVD, morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format 4. Capture still image or series of images 5. Capture audio 6. Convert DVD to video, or between video formats, with DVD editor software 7. Edit DVD titles and subtitles 8. Play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs and other media file formats 9. Burn DVDs, VCDs and data CDs to create music collections or movies 10. Erase DVDs and CDs 11. Design DVD and CD cover and label


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AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold:


Undisker is a disk image utility that can open, create, and extract ISO files. ISO files are images of CDROM disks, they are widely used for storing contents of entire CDs. Usually, you have to burn an ISO file on a CD to see or extract its contents, but now you can simply open it in Undisker. Undisker can work as an ISO extractor: you can open ISO files, browse them, and extract their contents to your hard disk without burning the ISO file on a CD. Undisker can extract ISO images created by all popular CD recording programs. You can also use Undisker for creating ISO images. Undisker can create ISO files by capturing your CDROM disks. You can use ISO files for creating backup copies of your CDs or for 'transferring' CDs through the Internet. Undisker interface is easy to use and familiar for anyone who has used WinZip or Windows Explorer. Drag-and-drop support allows you to handle disk image files just like ZIP archives - you can extract any file from the image by simply dragging it to the desktop or you can view files by double-clicking them just like in Windows Explorer. 


MS Word Extract Images from multiple files:

Do you have a number of Microsoft Word documents, either your own, or perhaps off the internet that you ve downloaded, but you need to extract the images from them? Wouldn t it be a pain if you had to manually cut and paste every single image by hand? Of course it would! Well, if you need images now, then this software is for you! With this software, you can easily: Easily select any number of Microsoft Word Documents to extract images from! With a couple clicks of the button, you can select multiple MS Word documents, including recursively searching through directories for files! Easily extract images! Simply click on the extract images button, and the software will extract the MS Word images to the directory of your choosing! And it s quick and easy, saving you time! Try out this software now! Download this software now, and learn how you can start easily get images you need from MS Word documents, and use them for your own webpages, or other documents now! Try the software now! 

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