The program for creating eBooks in the CHM format quickly and easily. You can use it to create eBooks, documentation, software guides and archives with HTML pages saved from the Internet. Program advantages: - high usability, intuitive interface, no need to spend much time on learning how to work with it - convenient and software-independent CHM format with a lot of features - unique features in its automatic keyword search - numerous options for customizing appearance and features in CHM files - quick compilation - editing HTML files - multilingual support - affordable price


e-book compiler

html dsn

domains generator

snmp compiler

html password protect

htaccess generator

upc barcode generator





Abee Chm eBook Creator:


MacroHTML is an application that allows you to create static websites very easily. It does this by helping you in several ways: - generates html from easily readable text - allows you to define (and maintain) repeating sections of pages just once - link checker - makes sure that you have no missing links in your site - sitemap creator - manages the files in your project in an easy to navigate manner As a programmer, I found creating and looking after my website a tiring and tedious job - one that I'd usually avoid if possible. What I wanted was something that combined the ease of c/c++ '#include files' (for those repeating sections of the pages such as the header or footer and some menu items with a 'wiki' like syntax. I wanted to be able to define a hyperlink just by typing it in: [[]] rather than all that html stuff. To put images in just like this: {{mypicture.jpg}} And to define headings just like this ==Heading==. Of course I needed to be able to use HTML as well, because there was no point in implementing everything - just those things that I wanted most. See for an example. In short, MacroHTML is an HTML pre-processor and compiler thatgenerates html for static sites quickly and easily. Nested include files for repeating structures, tokenising/compiling, link checking etc. What it is not. MacroHTML is not a complex, expensive and sophisticated website generation tool. Because of this I cannot offer technical support (except for bug fixes) for people using it. However, the learning curve that it presents should be fairly easy to surmount if you have a reasonable technical understanding of what it's doing and computers in general. 



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