You may have noticed that it is not convenient to type a long CL command in the CL command entry in the iSeries terminal emulator software. The CL command is so strictly formatted that it is not easy to copy and paste the long commands in AS/400 5250 terminal emulators. The CL command text is splitted into two or more lines in the terminal emulator software. By using CL Command Clipper, you can write/copy/paste a long CL command in seconds. Because it will split the command you typed automatically before you copy the command to the Windows system clipboard. You may also use the CL Command Clipper program to record your frequently used CL commands, this program keeps your recently used CL commands in the command history list.


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The CL Command Browser is an essential software tool for IBM System i (iSeries, AS/400) users and developers The software runs as an eBook program. You may find the detail information of 2000+ System i (AS/400) Control Language commands. The detail information includes the command names, run environments, command descriptions and command examples. The following command categories are supported: . General i5/OS Commands . AFP Utilities Commands . Backup Recovery and Media Services Commands . Communications Utilities Commands . Cryptographic Support for AS/400 Commands . CICS Transaction Server Commands . HTTP Server Commands . DB2 DataPropagator Commands . Business Graphics Utility for AS/400 Commands . Infoprint Server Commands . Advanced Job Scheduler Commands . Developer Kit for Java Commands . Managed System Services Commands . Performance Tools Commands . Query Commands . Content Manager OnDemand Commands . System Manager Commands . DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit Commands . TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities Commands . Websphere Development Studio Commands . IBM eServer iSeries Access for Web Commands

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PowerCmd enhances your command prompt with an easy-to-use Windows GUI-style interface and allows you to run multiple consoles within a single tabbed window. You can easily organize multiple consoles in vertical, horizontal, and grid forms. Auto-log, auto-completion, keywords highlight, configurable font and colors, customizable toolbar for frequently used commands or tools and minimizing to tray are easy solutions to daily needs. With PowerCmd, you can save and restore your sessions from last time. 



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