Modern hard drives can easily hold up to tens and hundreds of thousands files. As we don't really need to save disk space these days, we often toss files around, create backups, make multiple copies of folders and then completely forget about them. However, this can hardly be called a rational way of storing data, let alone the fact that it creates a mess in your computer. When you think that the time has come to clean up and eradicate the obvious file redundancy, you suddenly realize that it will take you days to manually compare and delete duplicate files. If this is exactly the problem you are facing or will face in the nearest future, relax, as you are not in much of a trouble. Advanced Duplicates Finder will do the trick. Advanced Duplicates Finder possesses a simple wizard-driven interface which guides you through the process. This compact application was specifically designed to automate the process of searching, identifying and deleting duplicate and void files scatted across your hard drive or any other media. Which is more, this software finds MP3 files with similar ID3 tags, similar images and files with similar names and size. In practice, it allows you save disk space by removing multiple instances of the same song or delete sets of test shots that your camera made in the burst mode. Not only does Duplicates Finder allow you to remove such files, but it also gives you an opportunity to move them to an isolated folder and then restore retaining the original location. It comes really handy when you just want to get rid of the mess, but doubt the necessity to actually delete the files. Yet another option is to find duplicate files and then save their paths to a text file. This will help you do the cleanup in the future, but not waste time on searching for the files again. Finally, the application is capable of searching ZIP archives as well. That said, are you still having doubts that the handy tool is something your software set can stay without?


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Clone Remover is a convenient program for finding file duplicates. It will ask you what you want to search for step by step and then show you the list of found files. Main features: 1)Deleting, moving, copying found duplicates. 2)Searching the hard drive and also network drives for duplicates. 3)Searching for exact duplicates. 4)Searching for similar images. 5)Searching for audio file duplicates. 6)Searching for files with the same name and size. 7)Warnings against searching folders critical for Windows. 8)Viewing image files in the result table. 9)Viewing the name, path, size of files in the result table. 10)Automatic selection: by creation dates, by sizes, by folders, by file extensions.

Advanced Duplicates Finder:

iTunes Duplicate Music Remover:


The features of the DVD Cloner includes: 1. Real DVD cloner. Exciting 100% DVD copy. Excellent output without warning screen,watermark, superior to other software in market. It is the same as the original DVD movie. 2.DVD-9 burnt to DVD-5 perfectly. Only one blank DVD-R/RW disk needed to burn a DVD-9 DVD movie. That is DVD-CLONER which make DVD cloning more conveniently, pleasurably and economically. Perfect output DVD-R/RW disk with special, bonus, subtitle, tracks etc, same as the original DVD movie. 3. Simple to use. Without any complicated parameter settings, just a simple click and your favourite DVD has been cloned. 4. Excellent after-sale service is offered. With our efficient service, you will not have to worry about annoying technical problems after your order. 5.DVD movie burnt on the VD-R/RW disks can be burnt repeatedly.Comparing with other software in market, DVD-CLONER is the best that can burn the DVD movie burnt on the DVD-R/RW disks again and again. 6. High speed and quality. Copy your DVD movie in a very short time. 

DVD Cloner Pro:

DVD Clone Studio:

DVD Clone Studio: backup your favorite DVD movies. Complete backup of DVD movies: With DVD Clone Studio, you can back up an entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features. Some of our customers have complained about the difficulty they had copying DVDs, and this urged us to develop this software DVD Clone Studio. It is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to configure. With DVD Clone Studio, you can make quick and easy DVD copies with excellent quality. 

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