Absolute Notes Center is something absolutely necessary for everyone in our busy world. It is a universal tool that will keep your job running smoothly by working with your personal or business information, planning your schedule, keeping track of incoming e-mails and messages. It will remind you about a very important meeting or just something you ve planned a long time ago and keep forgetting (like visit to a dantist). It also will tell you that one of your computer applications needs to be started or will start it for you if you are away. And it will let you communicate with people working in your office using your local network. In other words, it has everything to help you through stressful workday, save time and peace of mind.


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Absolute Notes Center:



Alpha Omega Personal Information Manager:

Alpha Omega Personal Information Manager (AO PIM) - contact manager, web account manager, diary, birthday list, aniversary list, mini activity calendar, reports all in one easy to use program. Manage data such as contact information, social networking sites, video sites, emails, IM, friends, family, pets, kids details, contact games, contact details, important dates, link contacts to documents, photos, birthday list, mini activities system, and other details. Dating / Meetings / Encounters: track your meetings, dates, social events by contact. Online Games / Games: track what games your contact plays, server, lvl, class, and other game details. Personal Information: track personal and physical information about each contact. Family and Kids: track family, kids, pet details about each contact. Gaming: track what games, character names, levels, and other details about each contact. DNC: track contacts that you do not want to deal with anymore and why. Document Linker: link documents, pdfs, photos to each contacts. Birthday and Aniversary List: track contact birthdays / aniversaries by a running list automatically. Web Account Manager: track your websites, user names, passwords, credit card info, details about the site, and more. Diary / Journal: personal journal to track your thoughts, idea, and dreams. The last personal information manager you will ever need to buy. Easy to use, password protected, built in reports, utilities, and more! 

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