honestech's HT TV Plus 4.0 Gold offers an integrated suite of 7 MPEG video applications for digital TV experience on a PC - HT TVR 2.0, Internet Electronic Program Guide, HT VideoEditor 6.1, HT MPEG Encoder 7.0, HT Burn DVD 3.2, Photo Editor and Digital Album. Launched from an integrated shell, TV Plus 4.0 Gold brings TV viewing, video recording, video editing, video conversion, VCD/SVCD and DVD burning and easy video organization and archiving. TVR 2.0 Features. 1) Real-time MPEG-1/2 recording and playback 2) Time-shift 3) NTSC and PAL support 4) MTS(Multi-channel TV Sound) support 5) Video CD compliant 6) Automatic channel configuration 7) Automatic recording through advanced scheduling 8) Compression ratio and image quality control through software 9) Built-in MPEG editor 10) Built-in video mail forwarding capability 11) Background recording when PC is in use 12) Full-screen or TV in a window Encoder 7.0 Features. 1) Interlace encoding 2) Elementary stream generation 3) Aspect ratio selection menu has been added 4) Screen inverse menu has been added 5) VOB conversion stabilization 6) AVI generation stabilization 7) Filters are added Editor 6.1 Features. 1) Project file automatic save function 2) Easier editing with new functions 3) Changeable Video/audio speed 4) Updated Burning engine supports more devices including external DVD writers. 5) Video capture function 6) Supports Smart Rendering of DV AVI files 7) Adjustable screen size Burn DVD 3.2 Features. 1) Multiple copy function being added. 2) Video bit-rate is changeable. 3) "Upside down" option added. 4) HT Burn DVD 3.1 is compatible with Intel Application Accelerator. 5) HT Burn DVD 3.1 is compatible with the driver supporting DVD RAM Packet Writing. 6) HT Burn DVD 3.1 supports new DVD writers. 7) HT Burn DVD 3.1 supports not only 650MB CD but also 700MB CD.


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Create sophisticated interactive applications such as multimedia presentations, digital album, interactive kiosks and catalogs, cd-cards, banners for web sites, computer-based training applications, cbt, educational games and materials, e-books, screen savers and wallpapers of the Windows, interactive CDs and more. MaxMedia is an easy-to-use professional multimedia authoring tool, for inexperienced and advanced users. Without having to learn any complicated programming languages, you will be able to combine graphic, image, photos, text, sounds, MP3, video, flash, animation, html and other elements into your own creation. After finishing your work, you can distribute it as executable file (EXE), screen saver (SCR), Flash (SWF), animated gif (GIF), video (AVI) or to present it directly from the CD, DVD (JPG/Photo-CD) or Internet Explorer (MaxPlayI plug-ins OCX). You can send to other users a final version of your application or an evaluation version limited for an amount of days. With MaxMedia your imagination is your only limit!

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Diji Album software allows you to create electronic photo albums. Diji Album files resemble real photo albums and are just as fun and almost as easy to create. Diji Album exceeds other products by allowing complete control over the layout of your album pages, including multiple images, rich text, multimedia, headings and other objects. Diji Albums can be: Sent to friends and family as a highly-compressed or self-extracting album file, Distributed as auto-running CD-ROM's or Exported to HTML for publishing on the internet. Other Features: Dragging and dropping of images and text from explorer and other applications, Thumbnail image browser for the quick addition of images to your images to your album, Pasting of text and image from editing applications, Acquisition of images from digital cameras or scanners, Authentic photo album look including album cover and optional photo corners, Full text searching within your album, Printing of album pages, entire albums or selected images or text 

Diji Album:

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Software for displaying Diji Album files (*.alb). Diji Album files can be created with the Diji Album Editor, free download at http:/ Diji Album files resemble real photo albums and are just as fun and almost as easy to create. Diji Albums can be: Sent to friends and family as a highly-compressed or self-extracting album files, Exported to HTML for publishing on the internet or distributed as auto-running CD-ROM albums 

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