Autorun Presenter is your portable Presentation evironment on a USB thumb drive. If you are presenting alot you may have encountered your Notebook with the precious presentation dying 5min before your slot? Have you ever wondered how bad a presentation looks when you created it using PowerPoint 2003 and the presentation computer has an ancient PowerPoint Version installed? If this is the case, Autorun Presenter is the tool for you. Autorun Presenter is installed on a USB Stick. Once you plugin the USB Stick you will get a simple menu allowing you to choose the presentation you want to show. Please note that the UI uses larger font so that you can even read the names if you're standing meters away. In addition you can fully control the menu using Page-up/Page-Down/F5 and Esc which is especially helpfull if you're remote control provides mappings for these keys (most do!). Please note the status line saying that "PowerPoint 2003 installed". If you plugin the USB Stick in a computer which does not have PowerPoint installed or where the PowerPoint version is older than 2003 it will automatically use the PowerPoint Viewer on the USB Stick.


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HPI Converter converts HPI file into PNG file with alpha transparency. Just drop one or more files (this also works directly from the Hemera Browser) and you can save the PNG files anywhere you want. HPI Converter also features a preview of the pictures to ensure you convert the right files.

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Easy to use Internet Explorer swimming with dolphins toolbar. Helps in finding useful information and resources like blogs and websites for people looking to know more about swimming with dolphins in a safe and ethical way. After you install, you will able to quickly learn what to expect from a swimming with dolphins excursion. This is possible with the aid of the favorites facility of the toolbar. Large ocean creatures like dolphins are a mystery to many people in science and tourism. Read and learn from the articles that you will find with the aid of the toolbar about what to expect and whether it will be the solution to your swimming with dolphins vacation requirements. There are plenty of ways in dealing with the different ways of seeing dolphins. Use the toolbar to find the resources that will help you to decide which is the best way forward. The toolbar is updated regularly and automatically, so you will not need to do anything to be current with the latest techniques and methods for the proper way to have fun with dolphins. The toolbar is compatible with internet explorer on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Dolphins are excellent creatures, as we all know. That is the reason why many people nowadays are wanting to go on these so-called 'swim with dolphins' holidays. On such holidays you can snorkel in the seas where dolphins abound, swim with them and even caress them in proper ways. It is great to get a chance to swim with dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins are the world's favorite due to their extremely docile behaviour, even in the wild. But you will need to be wary of other sea creatures that may spoil the show. Professional tour operators will help you remain safe. This toolbar will give you quick access to information in how to deal with all of the above issues in a productive and constructive manner. 

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