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Vicious Blob Monsters - Rainbow Screensaver by is a fun desktop enhancement for Windows XP, Vista, 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 95, 2000 and 2003. ‘Vicious Blob Monsters - Rainbow’ is a family screensaver designed for all ages. Created with Adobe Flash, this interactive screensaver features bright cartoon images, bold colors and quirky sound effects. The monsters interact with user mouse movement. When the mouse pointer is rolled over their head they try to take a bite. Very hungry and just as funny, blob monsters are always waiting to pounce. Squinty eyes watch and wait for any sign of movement - tightly coiled like a spring. As they go for a bite, you see the silliest sight and hear the daftest sound. They attack with huge teeth and a massive stretch of the jaw. The monsters have been animated to emphasise their biting behaviour so they really look odd with their stretching jaw line and widening eyes. Crazy chomping noises complete the effect. Many sound effects are used to avoid repetition - all panned separately across the stereo field. Blob Monsters are pure entertainment. It is very therapeutic to run your mouse across the screen and watch them jump up to feed. We believe it beats a stress ball any day. You can exit the screensaver at any time by pressing the ESC key. Requires Adobe Flash Player 7 or above. If you would like a Blob Monster for your blog, facebook or myspace profile go to to get the codes. Remember, the Vicious Blob Monsters are always waiting… and always hungry… Keep an eye on our website for more Vicious Blob Monster action soon. A Christmas Blob Monster Screensaver is on the way. 

Vicious Blob Monsters Rbow Screensaver:


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