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Clone Remover is a convenient program for finding file duplicates. It will ask you what you want to search for step by step and then show you the list of found files. Main features: 1)Deleting, moving, copying found duplicates. 2)Searching the hard drive and also network drives for duplicates. 3)Searching for exact duplicates. 4)Searching for similar images. 5)Searching for audio file duplicates. 6)Searching for files with the same name and size. 7)Warnings against searching folders critical for Windows. 8)Viewing image files in the result table. 9)Viewing the name, path, size of files in the result table. 10)Automatic selection: by creation dates, by sizes, by folders, by file extensions.


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Do you have too many duplicate files (such as photo and mp2 song files) inside your PC? Too bad, since it waste your valueable hard drive space. Don't buy a new hard drive yet, just use Duplicate File Sweeper and get up to 50% extra hard drive space. Duplicate File Sweeper designed to be a very easy to use tool. It will scan and analyze your entire hard drive or selected folder, and display its result within seconds or few minutes. You can then select which dupliacte files will be deleted. This software supports Windows XP and Vista, also can be used and distributed for free.

iTunes Duplicate Music Remover:

Duplicate File Sweeper:


Duplicate Finder for Outlook Express helps you find message copies in Outlook Express. Duplicate Finder for Outlook Express set order in folders by some seconds. With Duplicate finder for Outlook Express you should not afraid lose e-mail messages because utility will move found copies into special folder. Very powerfull and simple utility for Outlook Express. Copies in Outlook Express appears when your computer lost connection to mail server or when you copy messages. If you have problems with internet connection or with mail server your Outlook Express can lose connection when messages transfering. When your computer will receive messages again some messages will be recieved again. In this case Duplicate Finder for Outlook Express helps you remove copies. 

Duplicate Finder for Outlook Express:


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