Folder Protector is the software that can hide the folders.This ensures the privacy and security of the private data.It comes with strong password protection so that no other person could change its settings.Any number of folders can be hidden by this software.Hiding a folder is very simple process.Just add the folders to the protected folder's list and click on button "Hide the folders".Similarly to make the folders visible again click on "Make the folders visible" button.The folders will be visible again.


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KaKa Folder Protector is a powerful and easy-to-use program for protecting your files.It can hide/encrypt any folder including flash disk and removable hard disk. Three Methods: Lock,Scramble and Encrypt Folder. Depending on the security level you need. On the Fly Protection: Using the Strong protection technology that can effectively lock/encrypt all your files. Strong Encryption: A strong industry standard 256-bit BLOWFISH Encryption is used to encrypt your files. Portability: Folders can be protected on portable deviceslike USB flash disk and removable hard disk. Security: Protected files are totally hidden and locked,undeletable, unmovable and totally inaccessible. Drive Firewall: Allows you to protect your data from virus and other bad software.

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PrintMaestro - for print the folders tree and folders content easily. Print and export your folders context to pdf or html files. With Print Maestro you can navigate the hard disk and print or export the list of files to various formats... all done by an intuitive, graphical, view and click interface. Using Print Maestro you can easily print: - a simple file list; - the Folder (Directory) Tree; - the Folder (Directory) List; - the Folder Tree with the file list; - a detailed list with file attributes; - the Folder Tree with size information - list fo films (with fields like size, Duration, Width, Height, Codec, Aspect Ratio) - list of photos (with fields like Create date, Orientation, Exposure time, Width, Height) - list of songs (you can use Artist, Title, Album, Comment, tags or BitRate, Sample Rate, Channels, Duration tags) - file version info report (Company Name, Version Info, Copyright, Product version) - your own report with any EXIF fields We do create examples on demand! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to use our component for the tasks that do not have examples yet. We will do our best to help you out! 

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