ideatech has developed the "Anagnostis" series of products, the unique ancient and mordern Greek OCRs with a poweful recognition engine that has been adopted by many prominent organizations in Greece and abroad. The main features of Anagnostis are: Recognizes multi-font text in various sizes and attributes (Bold, Italics etc.). * Recognizes modern Greek text containing Latin words, ancient Greek text (preserving all accents and breathing marks), as well as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and multilingual text. * May be trained to new fonts by the user. * Recognition speed averages to 10 seconds for an A4 page containing 3000 characters (Pentium 300 CPU). * Is almost error-free. * In normal quality pages accuracy rate exceeds 99,5%. * Handles up to A3 size pages, processing the whole page or user-defined areas. * Automatically separates text from graphics and decolumnizes a multi-column text. * Outputs text in a variety of most popular word-processing formats. * Outputs text in tabular form. * Incorporates a Unicode text editor for fast processing of the recognized text. * Imports TIFF images generated by any flat-bed, roller-bed or hand-held scanner. * Stores TIFF images in compressed format. * Also supports BMP, PCX and GIF image formats. * Fully compatible with the TWAIN data transfer protocol, enabling image capturing from virtually any available scanner model. * Supports document templates, parametric recognition areas and batch scanning and recognition (Pro versions).


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