Create Slide Show Screensavers Have you got photos of your vacations, children or other photos that you like very much? Now you can create a slideshow screensaver based on them in a few seconds.You also can create a screensaver setup file and you can send it to anyone or publish your screensaver on websites. It supports BMP, JPEG image files and support music file format for mid,wav,wma,mp3 and has more than 120 transitional effects. Create Shockwave Flash Screensavers If you have a lovely flash, do you want to make it into a screensaver? My Screensaver Maker can create a flash screensaver ,you needn't know any professional technology about flash, but you can create your own professional flash screensaver and distribute it. It supports Macromedia Flash 4, Flash 5, Flash 6, Flash MX, Flash7. Create Video Screensavers If you have videos of you fimaly,It is a good idea that make them a screensaver.My Screensaver Maker can make video screensaver Creete Website screensaver Do you find that there are many beautiful websites in the internet? My Screensaver Maker can make them into a screensaver and also you can distribute it.


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Power Screensaver Builder allows you to create and distribute your own high-quality slideshow image screensaver, shockwave flash screensaver and movie screensavers easily and quickly . It supports the most popular graphics and media formats including PSP , GIF , JPEG ,SWF , AVI , MPEG , MP3 , WAV and others. You can choose from more than 160 transition effects for your image slideshow screen savers. The professional edition also enables you to create shareware screensavers that will expire after an evaluation period and require a registration code. Media types supported by this application include: Bitmap Graphics(*.bmp;*.dib) JPEG Graphics(*.jpeg;*.jpg;*.jpe) GIF Graphic(*.gif) PCX Graphic (*.pcx; *.pcc) Photoshop Graphic(*.psd, *.pdd) PaintshopPro Graphic(*.psp) Targa Graphic(*.tga; *.vst; *.icb; *.vda; *.win) PortableNetwork Graphic(*.png) SGI Images(*.bw;*.rgb; *.rgba; *.sgi) AutoDesk Images(*.cel;*.pic) Shockwave Flash file(*.swf) Movie file(*.avi;*.mpg;*.mpeg) Audio files: MP3, MIDI/RMI, WAV This is one screen saver utility that can do it all

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Make Great Looking Rollovers Fast and Easy. Use Bmp, Gif, Animated GIF, Jpg, or Png images. No CGI. No MySQL. No PHP. Mo XML. No ASP. No Technical experience required. Preview while you work to see what combination works best for you. Verify Link and E-mail address before you grab the code. This can save you time and effort! Link to a web page, e-mail program, image, PDF, EXE, and ZIP file. IFrame and Frame compatible. Open a linked page in the same page, IFrame (parent, self. or top) or a named IFrame. Open a linked page in a named Frame of a Frameset. Alternatively, open a linked web page in a new window. It's extremely easy to open a linked web page anywhere on a web site. Trigger an event when the rollover is pressed. Make it easy for visitors to print the page, scroll to the top of the page, close the window, refresh the page, go back to their previous page in cache, forward to their next page in cache, reset a form, and submit a form. A Tool tip can appear when the pointer is placed over the rollover. Select a cursor image. Your personalized message can appear in the status bar of applicable browsers. Unlimited use. No additional costs. 

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