Activity Installer allows you to install a local activity for MSN Messenger 6.0 (and later) or Windows Live Messenger. Instant Translator is currently the only available activity. The activity allows on-the-fly translation of incoming messages.


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@promt Personal 8.0 Translator is a basic translation program for everyday personal use. It provides a quick translation of multilingual texts, ICQ messages and helps you to surf on foreign web-sites without any language barriers: web pages are translated directly in your browser. The program allows you to easily get the gist of foreign language texts. Smart and easy translation options (such as simultaneous translation, having text translated directly as it is being typed, automatic translation of a changed clipboard content or interception of a text typed in any other application) make @promt Personal 8.0 an indispensable translation assistant. Supports English to/from French, German, Russian, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Spanish (including Latin American Spanish) and English to Italian languages translation. KEY BENEFITS - Get the gist of foreign language texts instantly @promt Personal 8.0 enables quick translation of multilingual documents with a single mouse-click. - Real-time translation as you type Synchronous translation of Windows Clipboard contents as well as text entered into any Windows application. - Smooth translation of web pages while browsing Foreign-language websites appear seamlessly in your native language as you browse using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. - Create multi-lingual search queries @promt Personal 8.0 automatically translates search queries so you can easily find the information you need on the web, regardless of site language. Translation options: - Documents in TXT and HTML formats - Web pages, search requests, and ICQ messages - Changes in Windows clipboard content can be automatically translated - Synchronous translation and interception of text entered in any Windows application Integration options: - Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox - Adobe Acrobat - ICQ PRO 2003/ICQ 5 

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