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SmartWebReader intelligently Navigates the Internet letting you Rapidly Explore search engine results and Entire Websites. Simultaneously accessing multiple sites at computer speeds, SmartWebReader reads everything on the page (more than just meta data or header text) , even scripts-enabled pages. Its intuitive user interface and built-in Crawl Wizard let you quickly create sophisticated surf templates that you can reuse on numerous sites. Use SmartWebReader with your favorite search engine to delve more deeply into each hit, or use it directly on websites to quickly and easily gather original research or to get fresh, up-to-the-second updates. Finding what You Want and Filtering Out the rest, SmartWebReader Eliminates tedious Pointing-and-Clicking. Version 2.1 introduces a simplified GUI making it even easier to get far more Extensive and Accurate Results than Surfing by hand. Latest Trial versions always available at 



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