Create irregular shaped forms easily based on the forms picture property. Add the control to the form and set the picture property then select which colour to become transparent. This control does the rest. You can even specify that the window can be dragged around the screen when the user clicks on any part of it. Also contains methods to refresh the transparency and pop up a system menu. Unregistered controls work in a limited Freeware mode so the control is still useful without purchasing a licence. Purchasing a licence releases the full potential of the control. ActiveX control for VB6.


irregular form

window xp tip


popup window killer

Triangular Irregular Network

customize window

boost system speed







Process Priority Optimizer is a process priority class optimizer for NT/XP systems through psapi.dll. Main features: - Simple and easy to use - Automatically shutdown unwanted applications/processes (viruses, ad-ware, silly programs, etc.) - Automatically adjust applications execution priorities based on user preference (LightWave rendering won't slow down your computer) - Transparently boost performance (thus system responsiveness) - Anti-LockUp: automatically withdraw CPU time from aggressive processes (this is experimental and cuddles with Windows) - Uses only ~10MBs of memory - English & Hungarian user interface Requirements: - Windows NT/Windows XP (psapi.dll) Limitations in the unregistered version: - Saving the settings is disabled The default setings should be ok for a regular user. There is a safety switch that will turn off optimizing if the cycle's length is greater then the preset. Setting the optimizing cycle lower will react to boosting mechanism only. Setting the managing profiles refresh to smaller value speeds up the auto-set class priorities task. Optimizing cycle timing also affects the Anti-LockUp (automatic priority class lowering function) reaction speed. 

Process Priority Optimizer:


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