Imagine, having the ability to change your state of awareness at any time you choose, in a manner that precisely allowed you to control your experience. Do you see some of the infinite possibilities that exist if you could easily, effortlessly, safely, and precisely do just that? It is exactly what is possible today! Technology has finally given you the unprecedented ability to easily control your mental states. Now with many popular machines, anyone can have greater control over his or her own state of mind. The technology is so new however, that many people don't know how to use it. Those people who most know how to use it, are using it for commercial tapes, seminars, and sessions. This manual is about bringing you the knowledge of what this new technology does, and how to use it for yourself. Awakening Mind 1 is a technical manual for creating light and sound sessions that will produce desirable altered states of consciousness. Originally written in 1989; it has been quite thoroughly tested over the years and has led a number of people to their desired states of consciousness. PDF format Information includes: How to create binaural beats using several tones Brain wave states to create different states of awareness Chakra frequencies used to stimulate different parts of the mind and body Integration basics to help heal past trauma States for sleeping, deep and light trance, childhood states, euphoria states, enlightement states Elements of light and sound sessions and how they behave Various methods for creating different sessions Possible impediments Personalizing audio visual stimulation sessions The forms you need to track your results Window frequencies more....


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