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Worlds first and currently only code profiler for .NET Compact Framework. All other .NET CF profilers deal with memory profiling. This tool deals with profiling the execution of the code for locating performance bottlenecks. At EQATEC we are experts in embedded development, both native (C/C++) or managed (C#). We have completed many large .NET CF projects. We have the only Microsoft embedded MVP in Scandinavia. We've been doing embedded development for about 10 years now. In 2006-2007, when developing a really large .NET Compact Framework application in C# for Windows CE, we looked around for a .NET CF code profiler. Surprisingly there were none. All we found were memory-profilers, i.e. for tracking object allocations and memory usage. That's useful too, but not if you want to pinpoint bottlenecks to improve your application's performance. So we built our own code profiler. And it works really, really well. We've used it for a year on this particularly large application (7-8000 methods in 40-50 DLLs) and easily found and fixed performance bottlenecks that would have been very hard to spot without a code profiler. We've even integrated the profiling-step in our autobuild. The profiling-step is very quick and the profiled code is only 40-50% bigger and runs 20-25% slower. Profilers can easily make your code run 2-10 times slower, so ours is quite efficient. Because it works so well, and there are no other code profilers like it, we decided to make it available to all other .NET CF developers. And we decided to do so for free, so it won't cost you anything. Just download it and start optimizing your own application, or try profiling the demo-app we’ve included. One reason for giving it away free is to get some idea about how much demand there is for tools like this. Therefore we'd kindly ask you to register the download, simply to give us some idea of how many developers - and in what kind of businesses - will find this tool useful.


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DF_MailStuff is a freeware .NET component useful in any circumstances you need to validate/check email address input by the user. DF_MailStuff is also much more: isEmailValid: use this method for validating email address checking syntax (even bad words) and/or validating domain (syntax check, dns lookup, top domain check, MX check, anonymous domain check, email existing against remote smtp server) catchEmails: use this method for retrieving all email addresses contained into a text DF_MailStuff returns detailed error codes No external references but .Net 2.0 framework: just download ad use it

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Report Sharp-Shooter Express is the first, free reporting engine of such high class. The component is designed for .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 and provides vast capabilities for designing professional and multi-functional reports in Windows Forms applications. The product supports all .NET data sources including ADO.NET and third parties business objects. It is also possible to use multiple data sources in a single report. Using Report Sharp-Shooter Express, you can easily solve the problem of various report designs in minutes. The intuitive report wizard allows the creation of complex reports with just a few mouse clicks. A developer can design parameterized and side-by-side reports, reports with unlimited number of master-detail relations, columns, crosses, etc. Moreover, an advanced Master Report concept helps to save time while developing a large number of reports with the unified layout. Just create a template containing all recurring elements and use it as a template in further report design. Report Sharp-Shooter Express includes the Windows Forms viewer component enabling you to print out a document at any time. The open plug-in architecture of the product guarantees its easy integration into other projects; it also enables you to add new functionality. Rendering in Report Sharp-Shooter is fully customizable. Using C# and VB scripting with full access to all .NET capabilities, it is possible to keep the report rendering process under full control. In addition you can freely distribute Report Sharp-Shooter Express within your applications. 

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