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PDF Duo .Net is a converting component for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (VB, C# etc.) users to enable conversion of Text, HTML, HTMLX documents to PDF. The main class HtmlToPdf provides all necessary methods and properties to enable multi-purpose customization of the resulting PDF. Developers can easily invoke the converting component in their own application or website projects on base of ASP.NET. To deploy the PDF Duo .Net component you will need only three lines of code. Installing package is provided with fully featured demos written in both C# and Visual Basic. Simple examples with source code help you using the PDF Duo .Net component to successfully convert HTML to PDF. Main functions allow to convert HTML represented as: - File - Page from Url address - Stream - String PDF Duo .Net component skillfully converts: - tables and embedded tables; - table borders, cell background; - images (png, jpg, wmf, bmp); - lists; - hyperlinks; - font face, color and size; - italic, bold and underline text; - subscript and superscript text; - background colors; - other text formatting. PDF Duo .Net Key features: - Conversion directions: HTML to PDF, XHTML to PDF, TXT to PDF. - Strict copying of HTML file formatting to PDF file in your own ASP.NET project. - Makes the best use of invalid or bad formed HTML file. - HTML file can include formatting styles CSS those will be correct converted to PDF. - PDF compression to further reduce PDF document sizes. - Developed in 100% managed C# code and tested in ASP.NET web applications. - Allows to convert either from HTML file or from HTML string stream. - Takes a Web Site URL instead of HTML file in order to convert to PDF. - Does not require installed Microsoft Office(R) or Adobe Acrobat(R). Supports .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5


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This is an assembly used to print reports in text mode. This results in a FAST and LIGHT WEIGHTED printing solution for your .NET application. It support all major printer control command sets (HP-PCL, EPSON-ESC, IBM-Proprinter). Most printer are normally compatible with one of these. The component supports the use of font styles (bold, italic ...), lines and rectangles, fonts, mapping of character sets.... RTextPrinter provides an easy to use api for printing text mode reports. It will handle the communication with the printer and all printer configuration commands in a transparent manner for you.

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