AuditWizard is a simple to use 'Plug and Play' tool that puts you in ultimate control of your system inventory. AuditWizard will perform a discrete and comprehensive audit of all hardware, software and peripheral data providing you with graphical at a glance information to enable you to plan for future system developments, troubleshoot or accurately budget for software upgrades or licensing compliance. PC Asset Management is a best business practice because it is all about controlling costs and maximizing productivity. AuditWizard will give your organization significant cost savings, not only in direct expenditure on software and hardware, but also by more effective management of your IT infrastructure. AuditWizard enables more strategic infrastructure planning, prevents over-licensing and identifies over-deployment of hardware while reducing the IT administrative and support burden with its associated costs. AuditWizard allows the IT department to control exactly what software and hardware everyone uses and significantly reduces the risk of users introducing unauthorized software or unapproved hardware to your network. In addition to minimizing copyright infringement and security breaches, good software management will also prevent unexpected software costs that can be incurred from inadequate software licensing measures. Audit your entire PC network in minutes not hours! Used in over 10,000 organisations around the world.


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Designed by system administrators to meet the needs of Windows enterprises, NetPoint is the simplified yet powerful way to inventory your hardware and software assets. It's web-based and searchable so everyone on your team can stay in the loop. Inventory collection is completely automated and no special client software is required. Almost two dozen types of hardware and software are tracked.






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