Are you a travel agent, logistics manager or small hotel owner? If so you might find Timestimator helpful. Lease apartments? Are engaged in supply chain management? Manage warehouses? Organize travel? All of these require advanced date calculations. Timestimator makes the life easier for people who often need to calculate arrival dates, shipment periods, or get local time on the opposite side of Earth. It makes calculating due dates, durations or rent payment dates as easy as 1-2-3! Timestimator knows hundreds of cities in the different timezones. Due date calculator is an important application for people who need to calculate due dates. Did you remember to include your vacation days? Have you sent cargo trailers and would like to know the expected arrival date? Timestimator is an easy-to-use due date calculator. You can use days, weeks, months, or years to calculate these or any other due date. Professionals who need convenient due date calculator will find Timestimator an effective tool. How long will you need to stay in the hotel? Are you going to rent a car, apartment or warehouse? Duration calculator helps people who need to do calculations of that kind. With Timestimator you can calculate duration between dates in days, weeks, months, or years. Are you going to call your colleague in Tokyo, but do not want wake him in the middle of the night? Timestimator takes into account daylight savings time and shows you the current time in the chosen cities and calculates the timeshift between them. Professionals who need to monitor processes in different parts of the world will find this feature convenient. Timestimator provides you with a perpetual calendar with handy navigation features. Timestimator can show you four, five, six or more months at once! All you need to do is enlarge the Timestimator's window.


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