Bopup Observer is a secure one-way messenger designed for alerting and notification purposes. This clear, easy to use and light-weight IM client can be deployed on LAN or enterprise-size networks and helps you keep users informed and updated instantly. The messenger supports rich-text messages including links, font and color formatting, emoticons. You can send urgent messages or activate the Confirmation Mode on the IM server that pops up the program when a message is received and keeps it on top until the user clicks the Confirm Message button. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so that personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if you send messages via the Internet. You will never lose any information you exchange because offline messages are stored and automatically delivered by the server when the recipient goes online. No user experience and skills are needed to use the program. The smart and comfortable user interface with advanced usability options and popup notifications allows you to join the IM network in a few mouse clicks. The messenger completely supports the Terminal Server/Citrix environment and can be used simultaneously by multiple users on one computer. Bopup Observer can automatically download and install updates from the IM server. The centralized client/server architecture offers complete and flexible management for controlling your IM infrastructure. The messaging server logs all user activity and archives all messages with the reporting, search and printing options. It allows you to manage messaging groups, users' contact information and permissions to send and view other users. It is easy to import user accounts from your Active Directory (LDAP) and start an efficient Instant Messaging system right now. Several authentication modes are supported: Simple, Windows Authentication or private login ID and password pair.


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Fomine Observer is an alternative to the Windows Messenger Service (Windows NT/2000/XP). Unlike the Messenger Service it has a convenient interface. You can also run Fomine Observer on Windows 98/ME. Fomine Observer can be used with Fomine WinPopup to perform one-way messaging. For example, this type of communication can be used by network administrators who would like to keep their users informed (while the users could not communicate with each other).

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Bulk SMS tool is a read only non destructive software to send massive text SMS from pocket or Laptop PC to mobile phones. Window based PC to mobile SMS sender application is a cost-effective and economical tool that successfully used to advertise about training, careers, business products with text messages. PC to mobile message sender program is a valuable application sends warm wishes, emergency news to group of friends. PC to mobile SMS delivers utility required minimum disk space and allows you to send unlimited text SMS in a single mouse click. Professional PC to mobile SMS sender software is fully compatible with every Windows based mobile phone handsets and supported by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows mobile device center. Bulk message sender program quickly installed on Windows operating system and effectively deliver notification and job alert to individuals as well as job seekers. PC to mobile messaging application does not required internet connection to send bulk SMS to GSM/CDMA mobile phones. Business text SMS sender tool support any Windows OS like Win 98, XP, 2000 and new Vista versions with full install/uninstall support. Professional messaging application has simple GUI and quickly sends thousands of SMS from PC in a single mouse click. Features: *PC to mobile bulk SMS sender software allow user to quickly send text alert to national and international mobile phone. * Download PC to mobile SMS sender tool that easily supports any branded mobile phone including Nokia, Samsung, Spice, Motorola etc. * Windows bulk SMS sender utility perfectly deliver message to one or multiple recipients instantly without internet connection. * Bulk text messaging software technology successfully used to send text message from PC to mobile in any language. * PC to mobile SMS sender application facilitate user import contacts directly from text file and quickly view and save sent text message. 

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Text messaging software helps you to broadcast massive SMS to targeted marketing and also provides the facility to keeps in touch with their clients. Pocket pc to mobile phone text messaging tool is an innovative technique to create and send global SMS to all GSM or CDMA cell phone users by a single click. You can send text messages to the unlimited users at both national and international mobile networks regardless of their length or distance. There is no need of internet connection for sending promotional, job alerts, stock updates, invitations, greetings, requirement notifications etc. Message broadcasting software supports all Unicode supported languages like Hindi, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai and Geek and send your SMS (short message service) to all of your relatives, employees, friends by just one instruction. By using this messaging software you can select you friends and employees and can easily send the text messages simultaneously to all of them by just one click. Software has the user friendly GUI facility and also supports all Smartphone, PDA, pocket pc devices such as Motorola i930, Motorola Q Motorola CN620 "MOD", Mitac Mio 8380, O2 Xphone, Motorola MPx200, Samsung Blackjack, O2 XDA Atom Motorola MPx220, O2 XDA IQ, Samsung SCH-i730 Pocket PC phone, Samsung SGH-i300, Palm Treo 700w, Microsoft/Flextronics "Peabody” etc. Features: * Software can send text messages from PDA or pocket pc to all GSM or CDMA cell phone users. * Tool can send messages at both national and international mobile networks without any internet connection. * Utility is basically used for sending job alerts, requirement notification, news updates, invitations etc. * Tool has the attractive GUI facility that helps users to operate it. * Tool provides full support of smart phone and pocket pc devices to send text messages. 

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