A small utility to generate robust passwords of fixed length pronounceable or with digits or caps or h4ck3r talk style characters. This improves security since generated passwords aren't open to dictionary based attacks and can't be guessed using personal information about the owner. Easy to use, easy to activate with Registration Wizard.


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extract email addresses

Yahoo! Messenger password recovery

Google Talk password recovery

extract meta tags

Recover Web Password

pdf password remover

extract flash








Capture Assistant:

Capture Assistant is the most convenient and easy to use text and graphics capture tool. It allows you to capture: - text - font information (font face, size and color) - passwords hidden behind asterisks - graphics - color of any pixel on screen Capture Assistant helps to save your time and increases your productivity. Capture Assistant is built using TextGRAB SDK technology which allows to add capture functionality to any application. Activating capture assistant Default hot keys to activate Capture Assistant are: Ctrl+Shift. Just press it and select any text, click on any word or password, select any area on screen. After you will release left mouse button – Capture Assistant main menu will appear. Capturing text Capture Assistant extracts text from any window, even if copy/paste is not available (list controls, tree controls, status bars, protected documents, buttons, etc…). Capture Assistant preserves formatting of captured text. Capture Assistant allows to extract font information (font face, size, color). After text is captured, you can: - copy it to clipboard - edit it as plain text - edit it in a rich text editor - add text to notes file - send text by email - print captured text Capturing graphics Capture Assistant allows to capture any part of your screen in an easy way. After picture is captured you can: - preview it - copy to clipboard - view in an external viewer - edit picture - print picture - save picture Color picker Capture Assistant allows you to click on any pixel on screen and it will show you it’s color. Capturing passwords Forgot your password? Capture Assistant can help you to extract passwords hidden behind asterisks. Download 20-day trial: You can download Capture Assistant 1.0 using following link: 

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