Rapidshare Premium Leecher Ultimate 2007 is a free software to download files from the world's largest file-sharing network Rapidshare, based on the source code donated by previous RapidLeecher author this version automatically decodes the image code allowing you to use the service without any hassle in a more easy way, RapidLeecher 2007 can run into fully automatic mode residing into system tray using minimal system resources monitoring user clipboard and autostart file download from rapidshare in background as soon as a rapidshare link is copied into the clipboard. Main Features Include - 1. Fully Automated Downloading supporting a semi-automatic option. 2. Automatic CAPTCHA Image Detection. 3. Auto start at system boot with system tray support. 4. Clipboard monitoring. 5. Silent operation mode, will sit and wait for links in system tray. 6. Pr@xy Support for simultaneous downloads and unlimited downloading. 7. Inbuilt Downloader with detailed static's. 8. Full installer and uninstaller. 9. Very simple to use. 10. Pleasant, easy to use interface. 11. Constantly Updated. 12. Adware & Spyware Free. 13. Support is provided for users with quick BUG FIXES 14. Best of All its FREE & SAFE.


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XFileSharing Professional:

XFileSharing is an advanced solution for creating professional file sharing services. It can be installed on any virtual/shared or dedicated Linux hosting. You can customize look and feel of your site with basic knowledge of HTML and place banners, adsense or other type advertisement on its pages. You can quickly monetize your service selling premium accounts. Our upload system allow users to upload several files at once and you will see what file was already uploaded and what file currently uploading. Your users will be able to protect their uploads with their personal password. They can send link to just uploaded file to themself or to their friends. XfileSharing (both versions) was tested on really big files (up to 2GB each) and it will not drop upload connection when you're in the middle of your file. And it will not let your server(s) to be down during a lot of download processes running, since we used dynamic symlink generation mechanism for each downloadable file. The common problem of big file uploads - that user will not know when upload failed ( connection dropped by internet provider or server limit reached). With our file sharing script your users will always know about their upload status (how much kbytes left, estimated finish time, current upload speed, etc). You will be able to set up premium membership levels for your users and charge them monthly for premium access to uploaded content. If your site is very popular and have a lot of uploaders and downloaders - you will be able to add as many additional servers as you wish. Additional file servers could be located on different hosting servers and even in different countries. Latest version of Xfilesharing Pro have Desktop Uploader which let your users to upload files without even opening their browser! When using desktop Uploader, your users will be able to load really big files (tested up to 20GB!). 

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