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Did you know that files you have previously deleted are not actually removed from your PC, and can easily be retrieved and recovered? Windows does not remove deleted files; they remain and kept in a hidden area on your hard drive and can be easily recovered and retrieved. PC secure delete is an amazing software tool that allows you to restore deleted history from your PC easily, PC secure delete will allow you to restore deleted history your have accidentally deleted, restore deleted history you have intentionally deleted, restore deleted history due to system crashes, and restore deleted history due to system mal function. PC secure delete will also allow you to restore deleted history of any type. Everything you have deleted in the past including any file, movie, clip, document, financial information, private information, contact information, internet history, pictures and images, programs, e-mails, cookies, spyware/adware and anything else you have previously deleted, still remain on your hard drive. Use PC secure delete and make sure important files and document can be recovered and retrieved. Restore deleted history couldn’t be any easier with PC secure delete. PC secure delete not only restore deleted history, it also has a shredder option to shred files without the possibility of being recovered to protect your privacy. Whether you want to restore deleted history or shred files so that they can’t be recovered, PC secure delete is the tool you need. Download our free trial and SCAN YOUR PC FOR FREE, and let PC secure delete show you all the files you have previously deleted. 

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