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SonicClick is an ActiveX Control which gives Web Style Buttons to your Applications. You can just drag & drop the OCX - control file to the Components panel and use it like a Normal Command Button. Its that easy. Here are some UNIQUE features of a Sonic Click Button. * 3 Stage 24-bit Image Buttons. * Tranparent or Opaque Background. * Multi Styles. ( Xp, Mac, Longhorn, etc..) * Non-Image Color Gradient Styles. * Custom 3 Stage Button Pictures. * Color Tint option to get any custom colors. * Tint Brightness option to get user desired effects. * Button Icon. ( 5 Standard positions ) * Customizable Button Text. * Smooth Up-Down Motion. * Flash type mouse pointer. * Runtime user dragable option. 

Sonic Click Super Button ActiveX Control:

Sonic Click Ultra Button ActiveX Control is a universal component for Visual Programming Languages to provide the fast and easiest way to create appealing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with clickable command buttons of different themes and functionalities. The possible applications and uses of the control are truly unlimited due to the extra ordinary functions and properties included. With few clicks and tricks the developer can easily create classical orthodox Windows Applications to highly customizable Kiosk Interfaces. This version Ultra (Ver 4) is a highly improved and optimized successor version of the previously released versions of Sonic Click Button controls and loads 10 times faster than previous versions and consumes very low amount of memory. Coded with highly optimized image processing algorithms the control delivers utmost performance according to the Interface requirements. Equipped with the Latest foolproof Registration and Online Activation technology the developers can now distribute their end products with our ActiveX Control hassle free and without any fear in mind of their users obtaining the full version privileges. Since this is a Major release after a long development process, the ActiveX control is packed with loads of features which may take a while to evaluate. Some Unique Features, Easy integration to your IDEs, just Drag & Drop the ActiveX control to the Components Panel or Toolbox. 14 Different built-in popular button styles including Vista, Mac, Office2007 & Gradient styles. Three stage animation of the button (Normal, MouseOver, MouseDown). Unicode support for Button Caption. Alpha transparency and adjustable blending with background. Realtime Vista style animations and Fade effects. Anti-Aliased Caption Rendering for optimal quality. Customizable color tint options to get desired colors and shades from the built-in styles. 3 Stage gradient styles. And much more.... 

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