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Spb Time is an advanced skinnable time tool set with screen saver mode. Analogue, digital and world clock, timers and stopwatches all in one application. Spb Time Features: Skinnable interface Analog and digital clock with calendar World clock with full screen map Screensaver Advanced Today Plug-In Stopwatch with lap times export Multiple timers and stopwatches Toolbar designed for fingertip taps Advanced alarms Advanced Alarm Engine Spb Time provides user with an advanced alarm options. Multiple and one-time alarms Alarm pop-up over password screen Big colored Dismiss/Snooze buttons Dismiss/Snooze with softkeys on WM 5.0 devices Flexible sounding options Square Screen Support New version of Spb Time supports Square Screen devices (Palm Treo, iPAQ 65xx). Although there are no visual controls like Analogue, Digital Clocks, World Time, StopWatches and Timers you may switch Screens via your Joystick (Up-Down-Left-Right) button: Up-Down button switches between Timers and Clocks Left-Right button switches between: Analogue, Digital Clocks and World Time Screen when Clocks Screen is enabled StopWatch, Timers and Multiple Stopwatches when Timers Screen is enabled Other functionality of Spb Time is saved for Square Screen devices. Skins You can wholly change the design of Spb Time application by changing the skin. Spb Software House provides three skins in default Spb Time package. More skins can be downloaded from our site. Aqua Skin Art Skin Black Skin Cartoon Skin Cube Skin Default Skin Egypt Skin Legend Skin White Skin Screen Saver Spb Time can be used as a Pocket PC Screen Saver. Slideshow as a Screen Saver Pocket PC as desktop clock Full scree


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phoneAlarm is a Today screen plugin - giving you total control over your Pocket PC Phone. Never miss an important call, SMS or Email again. Automatically switch profiles and quickly access Inbox, call history and control the state of bluetooth directly from the Today screen. Optimized for one-handed and in-car use. Supports Windows Mobile 5.0 and WM 6.0 Phone Edition (with touch-screen) Also available in both Lite (for large-scale installations) and smartphone (non-touchscreen) versions 15 day free trial version available. Features: - Provides repeating alarms on new SMS, Email, missed calls, voice messages and; reminders - 10 Custom Phone profiles with manual and automatic switching. - Automatic profile change based on time, location, Appointment type/category and power/ActiveSync events - Custom Email / SMS alarms based on text, sender or priority - Alarm notification on weak battery and phone signal - Customize sound, volume and options for each alarm type in each profile - Automatically mute system and phone volume - Skinnable user interface (many free skins on our website) - Bluetooth and Flight mode control via profiles (also for Widcomm/Broadcomm stack) - 1-hand skin navigation and quick-dialer for last 10 numbers - Icons provide direct access to Inbox, call history etc. - Task-switcher pop-up to close running applications - Option to cycle radio (off/on) to change user on dual SIM - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Japanese and Chinese user interface - Supports VGA display and square screen devices

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In each square put numbers until the total for the row is equal to the value next to the row. Make sure you get the right values in each column and in the diagonal direction too! To see what it looks like, look below. Educational math software for school or personal. 

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