Have you ever wondered what it's like to work at a burger joint? Then play Stand o' Food, a thrilling arcade game in which you can serve the hungry masses without ever leaving your computer! Each shift begins with you strapping on an apron and a smile as customers start lining up at your counter. You then rush to assemble the ingredients needed to make the sandwiches they order before they get annoyed and leave. Featuring bright graphics, simple controls and two unique game modes, Stand o' Food is more addictive than your favorite fast food!


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Stand OFood:


booster is a freeware text editor. The editor is built on the top of the cutting edge technology – Flex 3 backed up with XML. Besides, it is going to become an integral part of the professional translation environment being in use at, and there it’ll be populated with many features of Slanger subsystems, very soon. Most of the text processors of different flavours, are trying to facilitate the life of the user while typing, and booster belongs to the minority of those editors which are capable really to bring up your typing skills to higher levels, and not only in English! booster was born right after the saw the Internet, and that’s why it has inherited the latter’s Chinese, English and Russian both faces and internals: it is capable to help you typing a text either in English (which is pretty simple), or in Russian (weird word form patterns), or in Chinese (whichever input method you prefer: PinYin, CangJie, WuBi, etc). Among other features, booster, despite it is a flash program that requires Adobe Flash Player 10, it is a lightweight application without any setup/install procedure; and, sure, this is the reason why it is cross-platform. It is a great helper for those typing texts in foreign languages, i.e. your native language is English, but you have something to do in Russian or Mandarin. No worries in case you feel uncertain about a next word while typing, as with booster you may avoid many, if not all, typos. The secret is it is showing you ‘the tips’ as a word list poping up each time you’ve typed two or three letters (or characters); moreover, you don’t need to type the whole word, just highlight the right word on the list, and here you are – you’ve typed it already! The program is of high use for those dealing with heavy typing in foreign languages, especially those making their first steps in a foreign language. 



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