Sophisticated yet easy to use stress testing, portfolio optimization, asset allocation and money management software for investing and trading. Through Monte Carlo simulations it produces stress tests which reveal the statistical opportunities and risks underneath your investments and "what if" ideas. Furthermore you can optimize your position size as well as your degree of diversification! Trader's Risk Management Guru 2.0 enables you to pursue the highest end results possible while keeping your risks at bay!


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Trader's Risk Management Guru:


TPT is a model-based testing tool for testing embedded systems, especially the testing of control systems. TPT supports all important fields of the test process which are in detail the management of tests, test modelling, test execution, test assessment, and test documentation. Key benefits: cost-efficient consistent testing for all phases of the development: One test description for all development phases (MiL, SiL, HiL). Early malfunction detection. Intuitive test description: Model-based test development without extensive programming skills required. The graphical test-modeling is platform-independent. Efficient automatic test execution: Automatic test execution, test result evaluation, test documentation. Shorter HiL-timing. Economy of time: Re-use of test and regression testing. Portable to different Platforms: Simple integration into all platforms (e.g. MATLAB/Simulink, TargetLink, LabVIEW, C-Code, CAN, LIN, HiL-Tests). Real-time enabled: Testing of controller systems. Reactive Tests which can react on the system’s behaviour during the test execution. ASAM MCD-3 Measurement: Parallel to the test execution controller internal signals can be measured via MCD-3 . Universl test tool: The test specification (modeling) is identical for all tests (model-testing, unit-testing, Integration-testing, validation-testing, regression-testing) Highest test-quality by means of systematic testing. Requirements tracing: Traceability of requirements and tests. 



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