Award-winning Flashcard Study and Testing System - Whether you're an airline pilot looking for the most time-efficient way to prepare for periodic recertifications, a high school student hoping for a quicker way to master Spanish or a little girl who needs some help with her spelling words this program is your key to reaching your learning goals. WinFlash Basic offers powerful multimedia support while retaining its ability to quickly and easily turn out study decks for last-minute use. Full Unicode and font effect support facilitates foreign language study and enhances readability. Master the program using the accompanying step-by-step tutorial. WinFlash's learning algorithms help you thoroughly master the study material. The program tracks your progress and focuses attention on those questions causing difficulty while continuing to reinforce areas of strength. Build your enthusiasm with speed challenges and reverse-order passes. Support your basic content with audio files, graphics and video clips. Choose from standard, fill-in or multiple choice question formats. WinFlash has been repeatedly recognized as the leading program of its type, winning the Shareware Industry Award for Best Educational Program, the Educational Shareware Cooperative's People's Choice and 5-star rankings from many popular download sites.

WinFlash Basic:


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NJ Hearing Aid Center:

NJ Hearing Aid Center:


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