CleanIt is small but useful program that is automatically executed when you start your computer (or enter Windows NT/2000 system) and clean all lost temporary files and folders from your TEMP directory.


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Scan, repair and speed up your PC with Registry Clear. Are errors and invalid entries causing your system to slowdown, freeze or even crash? Take back control of your PC! Registry Clear will eliminate your registry problems, clear registry in and drastically improve your PC's performance. -Wondering why your PC is running so slowly? -Tired of unexplained system crashes? -Fed up with vague and confusing error messages? -At wits end with mysterious blank screens? -Seen one too many "Unable to load" .dll errors? Don't Waste Your Time or Money! You don't have to go through the tremendous hassle of un-installing and re-installing Windows and you definitely don't have to throw away hard-earned money on over-priced PC repair. Registry Clear allows you to safely clean and repair your Windows registry with the click of a mouse. Your Windows registry stores countless bits of information regarding the configuration and settings of your computer. Every time you make changes to your system (such as the installation and un-installation of software) your registry begins to accumulate errors. These errors eventually cause decreased system speed and performance. If left unchecked, they can even cause serious fatal errors. Download Registry Clear to clear registry and make your PC running like new again. 

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