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iPod songs library recovery tool unerase deleted music library from portable media player. Undelete iPhone audiobook restoration utility recovers musepack, speex podcast. Software retrieves automatically altered video sequences, MJPEG or M-JPEG files, vorbis, Monkey’s Audio, TTA (True Audio Codec), XviD, Mastroska, .MKV, .MKA, WavPack, OGG, OGM, Theora, .OGV, .OGX and .OGA audio video formats. Retrieval application retrieve formatted iTunes compact JEIDA, PCMCIA mem-cards stored harmonious songbook. Unformat program restores damaged thumbplay media clips and e-music composition. Repairing software is absolutely non-destructive read only and helps to repair logically altered music storage drive PMP memory. Recovery utilities rescue iPod series melodious composition lyrics AAC/mp4, AIFF, mp3 Audible 2, 3 and 4 VBR, songs library files. Unerase tool undelete and recovers erased wav, H.264, AAC-LC, MOV, WAV, AC3, HE-AAC, DivX, AMR, FLAC, MS-MPEG4v3, ASF audio video sound track extensions files, missing or accidentally altered jpeg, png, bmp, images, gif, tiff and motion pictures clip data. Feature: * Recovery software recovers favorite iPod numbers, recorded hymns, missing carols and deleted lyrics song compositions from storage drive. * Retrieval tool never require extra technical knowledge to unerase formatted pictures, images and game data from iPod. * Rescue application is very sophisticated solution to undelete iPhone music library and lyrics composition. * Repairing program supports Apple’s fairPlay technology and can be executed at apple Macintosh OSX platform and MS windows operating system 98se, ME, NT 3.x and 4.x, server 2000, XP home and enterprises edition, media center 2005, Longhorn, Vista, OS 2003 and 2008. * Restoration utility supports all major brands like Samsung, StormBlue, HCL, HP, Apple Sumvision, Meizu, AMP3, Sony, Mcody, mobiBLU and Aigo.


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Data Doctor zune player erased audio video files restoration tool rescue formatted wireless connected device deleted pictures missing photographs. Recovery software recovers corrupted digital player system audio mp3 songs erased video clipping. Restoration utility recover lost Microsoft window media audio (WMA), video (WMV) music files. Data extraction software contains inbuilt help option that facilitate user to recover its deleted data. Extraction tool restore deleted jpeg, jpg images that erased when file move zune to zune over Wi-Fi system. Utility contain simple graphical user interface and accessible, non-destructive tool. Extraction tool unerase corrupted mp4, m4a, m4b, and m4v file information. Software rescue previously saved advance audio coding (AAC), wav file folders from storage device if system is not access the drive and disk not formatted message displayed. Software is easy to use and support all windows 98, 2000, professional, advance, server, NT, ME, XP VISTA operating system. Features: * Data Doctor zune music recovery software recover formatted zune player deleted data information. * Software rescue Microsoft window media audio video (WMA WMV) file if drive is not formatted message displayed. * File recovery utility restore deleted AAC files (mp4, m4p, m4a, m4b, m4v). * Restoration software undeletes deleted pictures missing photographs, images. * Software works on any hardware or software specification requirements * It supports all windows operating system (98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, VISTA).

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Automated and fully customizable Internet search tool, Web sites content and Usenet binaries mass downloader designed for total privacy and unattended operations. Eqipped with image viewer capable of URL tracking, image browser, file splitter, duplicate files scanner, text search, Usenet Autopost and Site copier tools. Private file sharing and hidden web sites content download modes. It also may encrypt files and hide them inside one another. Before uploading files to Usenet or WWW you may encrypt them and hide inside one another. For example, you can hide a single file or bunch of files in another file, such as JPEG picture, mp3 audio or mpeg video clip. You do not need to create, keep and transmit any password. Each file has it is own secret password and is decoded on-the-fly while being downloaded from WWW or Usenet. Images and other files containing hidden data are fully functional and are identical to the originals. You may still view the images with any conventional image viewer, listen for music or play video clips in your favorite media player. Nobody knows that they contain hidden data. Special tags saved with downloaded files make AmiPic Sharemaster image viewer and image browser capable of URL tracking. It means you are one click away from visiting a web site actually containing pictures you are viewing. Duplicate Files scanner is used to clean up your PC from unwanted duplicate files. This works not only with images, but also with any other kind of files. Automated Usenet binaries downloader supports UUencode, Base64 and yEncoding, automatic multipart files reconstruction, multiple news servers with simultaneous connections to each server. Usenet Autoposter, like other tasks, can run unattended. For total privacy it may save downloaded files encrypted, keeps confidential information encrypted on disk and in memory, may connect to Internet through totally anonymous SOCKS proxy servers and supports automatic BestCrypt containers mounting on start-up. 

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QuickSearch is an easy to use browser-type search program. After you enter your keywords, you can click on the tabs to view the results from Lycos, Altavista, Yahoo!, Excite, and many other popular search engines. 

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