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Advanced web analytics software for path and visitor analysis. The software will help you to measure visitor conversion between pages by creating a graphical map with funnels and visitor movements. The software tells you all you want to know about how your visitors interact and navigate in your site. It has been designed to answer questions like: - How do visitors naviate to the sign-up form or product page? - Where do most visitors go after they enter my home page? - Where do visitors go after reading the product information? Does that also apply to visitors with a specific referrer? - What is the conversion percentage of visitors that visited the download section and payment pages in the last week? - Is there a strong visitor relation between product A and product B on my web site? - What percentage of visitors that came via a Google Adwords campaign actually filled in the sign-up form? With the MoveMetrics software you can create a visitor behavior map and analyze these kind of questions. The software will help you to measure the conversion between pages and can filter visitors on referrers or search terms in your analysis. Features: - Define multiple goals and analyse related web funnels. - A graphical map that tells you more than a 1000 numerical statistics. - Analyse the conversion between multiple pages in your site. - Filter on referrers and search terms in the conversion. - Optimize your Google AdWords and Adsense campaigns. - Compare different time periods with a simple click. MoveMetrics is available in a full and freeware edition. more info at



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