3D transformers screen saver is a very cool screen saving program.In this Screen Saver,over 52 cool transformers can transform themselves,enjoy! FEATURES OF3D TRANSFORMERS SCREENSAVER - Realistic 3D environment - Full transformers world - Cool animation - Over 50 cool transformers - Protects your screen from fading SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS- Pentium III or higher - 64 MB Video Memory - DirectX 9.0 or higher - DirectX-compatible sound card - Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP


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antique lamp screenscaver,screensaver Lamps have always been part of our décor whether it is in an office or at home in order to use it for lighting, reading or decorative purposes and there presence can change or add to the surroundings considerable therefore it must be chosen with care. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to choose an antique lamp to suit a given place and/or room. Antique lamps come in many different styles and shapes, such as, Victorian, Edwardian, Nouveau, Deco and Oriental and choosing out of them should be done carefully as it can firstly cost a fair amount and secondly must match the surroundings it is placed in or else it will loose its charm and purpose. The most common place people chose an antique lamp for is the library or study room in the house, where usually there is massive wood furniture, at times in one of the antique styles mentioned above in which case your choice is easy as you need to go with the style of your furniture however; if you study does not have a particular style and you want to create one or add to its character by picking an antique lamp here are your choices: if you are looking just for decorative purposes you can choose a standing antique lamp, which can be placed by the desk or in the corner that you see as you enter the room. Most people acquire an antique lamp for decorative purposes only and not to be used for reading, for example, many place an antique lamp in the sitting room, hallway by the entrance, bathrooms and bedrooms where they almost never use it for reading but to create an atmosphere or right ambiance. A few will even get an antique lamp for the office, where yet again it may never be used but enjoyed and admired as a decorative piece of art. 

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