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Do you work with Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition? Then, whether as a professional or an amateur you will certainly appreciate the Advanced XP Tweak software. Windows gets better with every year but there is always some room for development and improvement. Why wait for Microsoft to come up with something when you can enjoy the benefits of our product NOW as a free evaluation version? Advanced XP Tweak allows you to fine-tune your Windows XP and Internet Explorer easily and safely. It is the best way to tweak and optimize your Windows XP system. Advanced XP Tweak gives your system the look you want, and optimizes its performance for the tasks you do most often, while cutting CPU and RAM expenses on the tasks you are unlikely to perform. Here are just a few of the Advanced XP Tweak features that you are going to love: make the Windows XP taskbar transparent; instantly access Windows XP hidden performance settings, which are not accessible otherwise; manage available DLL libraries; view and delete unwanted Cookies, and so much more.


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Do you want to tweak some of your Windows XP settings (or Windows Vista) to do cool extra things? If so, then this Windows tweaker is for you! Try out the evaluation for free tweaking software now! With it, you can: Restrict access to ALL drives or individual drives through Windows Explorer -- useful if you have a special partition that you don t want people changing, or simply don t want your files being changed easily Customize the Start Menu - for example, alphabetize start menu listings, plus disable various items (such as whether users can log off, and see various menu items such as the run menu, shut down option, log off option, hide the favorites menu, hide the search menu button, start menu button, etc), plus totally customize other options (such as whether the clock in the right hand corner shows, etc) Easily change commonly used explorer options (such as which types of files to hide on your harddrive, whether a file menu should be shown, etc!) Customize the Microsoft Internet Explorer -- great if you want to restrict people from accessing certain functionality Create a custom login message that appears when users login Plus much more! Try this cool registry tweaking software for Windows now!

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