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FTP Server software easily transfers large files using background threads. Support PASV mode connection with options setting port ranges IP addresses use with firewall NAT NT/2000/XP security integration including logon authentication matched against existing accounts. Software efficiently resume broken downloads and provides ability to view active users shadow FTP Sessions screen client logons by IP addresses. FTP server run as a service under windows operating system platform. It includes extensive network diagnostics: network card, routing table, current connections, bandwidth per adapter. Software offers configurable session characteristics including maximum users, maximum logon attempts, welcome banner, exit banner, maximum user banner. Perform addition/deletion of multiple users as well as configure user profiles (user ID, password, default directory, allow concurrent logons, limit to default directory, log access, restrict read/write access). FTP server effectively binds ftp services to specific IP addresses for machines with more than one network card adapter.


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Rank Tracker is a multifeature rank meter SEO tool for webmasters and SEOs who need to check rankings across 370+ search engines. Coupled with a rich keyword suggestion feature this SEO software is your #1 tool for rankings checking and keyword research. Here's what Rank Tracker is capable of: 1. Checks rankings for an unlimited number of keywords Advanced Search Engine Safety features such as Human Emulation, User Agents Rotation and SE API keys make it a tool you can always count on. 2. Supports an unlimited number of websites Rank Tracker will never limit you in the number of websites you can monitor 3. Discovers your rankings in 370+ search engines You can monitor your rankings in regional SEs of Google, Yahoo! and MSN including UK, Indonesia, Egypt, Denmark, Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Poland and other countries. Besides you can always see where you rank in local search engines such as Naver, Rambler, Yandex, Ask and others. Moreover, if the search engine you want is not on the list yet, just request it and it'll be included. 4. Generates SEO effective keywords Advanced keyword research feature lets you explore a great number of relevant keywords you can benefit from. The SEO software will also calculate the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) to help you choose the most profitable keywords. 5. Keep track of fluctuations in your rankings You can get the complete picture of your website's progress over time, with prior and current rankings arranged in an illustrative visual graph or a table chart. 7. Generates reports on your ranking stats, top ranked keywords and other info. You can customize each and every report choosing what kind of statistics to include in it. Rank Tracker will also enable you to publish the reports on your website or email them. 8. Runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Rank Tracker is a cross-platform app that you can run on your home PC, MacBook or Linux. 

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