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NGS is used to create invoices, work orders, proforma invoices, manage inventory, keep track of workers, generate schedule, create reports and many other functions required for managing business. NGS helps companies to manage data, keep track and search business processes. NGS has been created with goal to build system that will connect business processes while being simple for use, adjustment and upgrade. While creating NGS we used experience in production, with goal to use it in different businesses. NGS is client-server system for managing business. It is optimized for multiuser environment. System supports adjustment according to specific needs of clients. System allows creating word or excel documents based on templates (user can define templates as well) using Office application. Base of program contains all the necessary functions exposed through easy to use interface. It enables tracking materials and warehouses, managing suppliers, work orders, products, creating proforma invoices, invoices and shipping orders. Extensions are used to expose more functions and also to add new functions Next extensions are currently available: * extended administration (users, templates, groups, taxes...) * work hours * work schedule * adjustment for managing car related business Because Client is based on extension, users can install and use only the ones they need. Extensions are used to expand user interface or replace user interface with different one. This allows us to adjust user interface to your specification with in short amount of time. NGS is continuously expanding based on client's requirements for specific extension. Extensions we develop are incorporated into the system and maintained by us. NGS advantages are: * ease of use * system reliability * simple updating * adjustability to business logic * price * document creation through or Microsoft Office





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