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Adobe Reader (also known as Acrobat Reader) as an official PDF reader, is currently the most widely used PDF reader tool. Adobe Reader supports reading PDF documents, fill out PDF forms, PDF annotation, view the file information, etc., with good stability and compatibility features.

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Comparison with other similar PDF reader, Adobe Reader has the advantage of the official release, so excellent functionality and compatibility. Adobe Reader supports reading scaling, error checking, PDF conversion function (to other formats documents, images converted into PDF format) and so on. In addition to the PDF document annotation and editing functions, such as adding annotations to read the watermark, but also provides users with a lot of convenience. All operating options are available in the drop-down menu or toolbar to find, in this not list.

Compared with the previous version, Adobe Reader for speed and memory usage improvements. However, security is still the biggest problem, it contains too many incidental features that most people basically are not used, but also the opportunity to become a loophole to make it bigger. However, one on the file browser, the page jumps, copy text, print files etc. Adobe Reader does best feature is still very satisfactory. Also use our online version of the Adobe Reader, you do not need to worry about security issues.

Functionally, Adobe Reader is the most powerful in its class, but if you just read PDF documents in general, that using it will slow down the speed of Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader is recommended.

Overall, in function, Adobe Reader is a well-designed PDF reader software!

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