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Do you want to have a possibility of previewing your to-be 3D image before stitching? With the help of 3D Viewer you can always preview your picture series as a 3D image. Moreover you can change the order of pictures in the series and save sorted images on your computer. The speed of 3D image rotation and image quality can be also adjusted according to your preferences. Download the freeware to have more opportunities working with 3D images!


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Multiple menu levels, direct links to all the pages, конецформыначалоформыnavigation system, create a text-only menu, or combine both text and images together, конецформыначалоформыTree supports an unlimited number of branches Smooth scrolling Adjustable scrolling speed Supports both text and images Mouse-over highlighted URL links Target parameter for URL links Customizable fonts, font styles, font colors, and font sizes Customizable background colors Free unlimited technical support usually answers the same day

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Aleo 3D Flash Slideshow Creator is an easy and fast way to create 3D photo slide show, 3D carousel show, 3D image roller and scroller. It features an easy to use user interface and does not require Adobe Flash Studio and knowledge of Flash. Key features: * Easy to use interface. * No requirement of Adobe Flash Studio and Flash knowledge. * Make 3D photo slide show. * Make 3D dock menu. * Make 3D carousel show. * Make 3D image scroller and roller. * Pause image transitions on mouse rollover. * Make XML file driven slide show or embed photos to the slideshow and generate one Flash file at the end. * HTML formatted text which can support font size, color, face and hyperlinks. * Add background music and audio controller to the Flash banner. * Support transparent PNG and GIF images. * Add a customizable preloader. * Set a web link for each slide or set a default web link for all slides. 

Aleo 3D Flash Slideshow Creator:


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