Image Uploader Dual gives your web site users a user-friendly uploading interface for multiple files. The users can navigate their folders directly in their browser, select necessary files, and start uploading them in only a few clicks. Image Uploader Dual is available in Pro, Standard and Express versions. Visit us at for more information. Brief overview of features: 1. Convenient user interface: * Drag-and-drop support. * Thumbnails for images. * Different view modes (thumbnails, list, details, icons). * Keyboard shortcuts. * Select file, delete file, rotate image, image quality meter controls located on thumbnails. * Configurable appearance. * Several layouts. * Native look-and-feel for different platforms including Vista. * Localization support. Translations into 9 languages are included. 2. Rich upload features: * ZIP compression for files. * Upload of any files without limitations for size or count. * Progress dialog with statistics. * Concurrent uploads of multiple files. * Save\Load\ file upload lists. * Auto-recovery of broken uploads. * Upload of any additional information from HTML input form. * Configurable restrictions for file size, type, count and image dimensions. 3. Image processing features: * Client-side image processing. * Support of most popular file formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc. * Ability to upload only resized copy of an image (optimize upload traffic). * Image rotation (automatic and manual). * Text and image watermarks. * EXIF and IPTC fields support. 5. Platform independence: * Compatible with most modern browsers. * Can be used with ANY server platform. * Especially configured for Amazon S3 and Nirvanix. * ASP.NET control for developing visually in MS Visual Studio * PHP class library for developing in native PHP code * Demos and code samples for the following platforms are included: ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion, Ruby. * Rich documentation.


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Aurigma Image Uploader:


Rad Upload Lite is the free version of Rad Upload - a drag and drop file upload applet. It is equipped with four different progress monitors for you to choose from. The free version has all the features of the standard edition except for a lower maximum upload limit. The plus version also provides support for recursive upload for folders, sub folders and their content. In addition to drag and drop the software also supports file uploading with copy and paste. Also available is the option to resize images as they are being uploaded. 

Rad Upload Lite:

DU Super Controler:

Features: 1. Easy control over download and upload speed for your internet connection 2. Limit download and upload speed for any application and connection that use TCP/IP. All controls in this program are designed to make it simplest possible in use 3. Download prioritizing prevents upload from degrading the download performance. 4. Network traffic to and from your local network is unaffected and therefore your Microsoft Windows® Network and others that you may have, function at full speed of your network hardware. 5. Help - a simple explanation for a number of things you can do with this utility 6. Multilanguage support 7. Two years free upgrades! 

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