AddressGrabber is a data entry automation tool. It is a great time saving solution to entrepreneurs, sales and marketing folks, business people etc. The tool captures relevant contact details such as name, street, city, zip, country from a selected text and transfers them into chosen Address Books like ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook etc. in one click. All you need to do is select the address that you want to transfer and hit on AddressGrabber. The contact details get captured instantly. AddressGrabber cuts down the address data entry time by atleast 80%. AddressGrabber means No more typing No more cut-n-paste No more duplicates No more wrong Phone numbers


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AddressGrabber Standard:


BScan456 provides a user-programmable data collection system for scanning barcodes, RFID tags and manual data entry - in any combination. BScan456 provides a standard data collection framework for you to add the data processing details and this can all be done on your PDA, ready to run immediately. BScan456 automatically compiles your processing specifications for maximum performance and helps you organise all your different 'applications'. Also, BScan456 is able to transfer valid data collected into the BScan456 transaction server and transfer data into your existing systems. BScan456 has unique features aimed at handling an almost unlimited variety of complex 'concatenated' barcodes currently used to identify traded units from cartons to containers, for example GS1-128. By intelligently decoding barcodes and RFID tags, the data collection process can be more easily verified by the operator and the system is able to perform data conversions which are otherwise too complex to perform with standard office software packages. The system is able to provide translated barcode and RFID tag data to your application in both batch and immediate mode, depending on your application's configuration. Automatic unattended operation is also an option. 



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