With Airfoil, you can now send any audio right through your AirPort Express, Apple TV, as well as other PCs and Macs! Send audio from RealPlayer, Winamp, and other media players to the AirPort Express Send audio from Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, and other music stores to the AirPort Express Send audio from Pandora and other web-based audio to the AirPort Express Send audio from almost any application to the AirPort Express


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Browse, search and control your PC's music from anywhere on your home or office network. Turn any networked device with a browser into a music remote. Liberate your music from those boring lists and see them as real albums with their cover art. Use from your Sony PSP, PDA, PC, laptop, Mac or any other device with a browser. PlayerPal includes three different looks (skins). One for use on the Sony PSP, one for use on a PDA (like the Dell Axim) and one for use with desktop browsers like IE, Firefox and Safari. You can also create your own skins if you want to. PlayerPal is the perfect companion for iTunes and Windows Media Player. It reads your existing music library so you don't have to make any changes to the way you manage your collection. It is also ideal for use with one or more AirPort Express'. PlayerPal will give you the AirPort Express remote control you always wanted. You can do the following things with PlayerPal: search your albums and tracks, find a random album or track, add music to your playlist (by year, genre, artist, album or track), browse your music (by album art, artist, year & genre), view album art, select playlists, change settings (loop, shuffle and volume), stop after playing x more tracks and create new skins. Free your music.




Outlook Express Extractor is designed to extract attachments Outlook Express. Instead of copying every attachment to the harddisk, you can use this program to extract all of the attachments automatically. Features: Extracts mail attachments from Outlook Express. (new) Filters previously downloaded message attachments. (new) More customization of different extensions with Inclusion and Exclusion List. (new) Pro version of the Outlook Express Extractor has lot of features. Here are some of its features. Features in Pro version -------------------------- - Extracts Mail attachments from Outlook Express/Outlook/Vistal Windows Mail. - Extracts images from the internet image Links listed in the mail. - Custom Naming rules for saving of the attachments. - Ability to extract messages based on Message Date intervals. 

Outlook Express Extractor:


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