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All You Mail is a one-stop Windows application for emailing newsletters, sending permission based email to subscribers, and handling all of your group emailing tasks. ( Active Beta Participants are eligible for a Free Licensed Copy of Version 1 when it becomes available. Email: for details. ) Respond to customers who are looking for monthly product news. Keep your church group or special interest group up to date on the latest group activity schedule. Market your product to people who have expressed an interest in hearing about what you are selling. All You Mail will allow you to import and export addresses from Excel, Eudora, and CSV. The reporting features track errors, report historical results, and list email statistics. You can manage bounced messages and cancelled subscribers. Ease repetitive work like a mail merge program would do by addressing recipients personally, and without writing individual emails to each. You can test, preview, and print your email before ever sending. Save your projects and come back to work on them again at a later time. Send email in plain text or HTML. Send your email to recipients by using your SMTP server provided by your ISP, or send directly to each recipient’s mailbox for speed. Backup and restore recipient lists. Manage your recipient lists by removing duplicate recipients. Remove invalid email addresses too. Keep track of excluded recipients in a separate list and restrict them from ever being sent email. Handle unsubscribers this way and you then keep then from receiving unwanted email.


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